Company Profile

OZ Bin Cleaning is a specialist bin cleaning company delivering professional, sustainable solutions for the growing issue of bin hygiene to both the private and local government sectors.

The company was founded in 2001, and now a National brand committed to remaining at the forefront of its industry. Continuing to educate individuals and businesses on the importance of bin hygiene and correct bin cleaning procedures.

With extensive years of industry experience, expertise, and resources to deliver on client’s expectations. Providing professional bin cleaning services to Australia’s most iconic brands and businesses. Diverse experience with a range of clients from single bin offices, Strata Building bin cleaning to multi site national retail food chains and complex Local Government contracts. OZ Bin Cleaning will assess your bin cleaning requirements and provide a recommendation to meet your budget.

Utilising custom built mobile bin cleaning units to professionally clean all sizes and types of bins at your premises with no mess or disruption to your day. Bringing their own water and taking the water away with them to be disposed of legally. Achieving a spotless, hygienic clean that sets the industry benchmark.

Since inception OZ Bin Cleaning strong environmental ethos has been at the forefront of all its operating procedures and processes winning them many local and environmental and business awards over the years. Committed to maximising resources and minimising and even eliminating environmental impact allowing the economy and environment to thrive.

We have achieved this by a continued focus on our commitment to quality, the environment, brand development and ethical franchising, as well as a respect for local and national regulations.

The condition of bins and bin areas can alter your client’s perceptions of your organisation and OZ Bin Cleaning will ensure you receive the correct professional bin cleaning service providing you with maximum hygiene and cleanliness of your bins for you, your staff and your clients through their proven advanced cleaning processes.

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